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Arctic Spas Manuals

A01 – Owners Manual

24. Common Spa Water Problems, Cause & Remedy

Common Spa Water Problems~Cause & Remedy



A. Poor Filtration

B. Suspended particles

C. Organic contaminants build up

D. pH high

E. Total alkalinity high

F. Combined chlorine in the water

G. High dissolved solids

H. Hardness too high


A. Dirty Filter. If you are using a pleated filter clean with Arctic Pure Filter Restore. If you are using a disposable filter you may need to change the filter for a fresh one. If you believe the filter is ok then try increasing the filtration times via the topside control, app, or via the web portal at

B. Add Arctic Pure® Easy Clear (Not with disponsable Filter)

C. Shock treatment with Arctic Pure® Refresh

D. Add Arctic Pure® Adjust Down until level reads 7.2-7.6

E. Add Arctic Pure® Adjust Down to adjust TA level to 80-120 ppm

F. Shock treatment with Arctic Pure® Refresh

G. Empty spa and refill

H. Add Arctic Pure® Best Defence until level reads 100-280 ppm


A. Dissolved metals from water source

B. Low chlorine levels

C. Fragrance

A. Use Arctic Pure® Best Defence and have your dealer check your water balance

B. Add Arctic Pure® Boost treatment to raise chlorine levels and test chlorine levels.

C. Stop the use of fragrance

FOAMING A. High concentration of oils and organics being agitated by the jets and/or Therapy Air A. Shock treatment with Arctic Pure® Refresh.
SCALE DEPOSITS A. High Calcium level, high pH, high alkalinity A. Drain partially, add Arctic Pure® Best Defence, correct pH level to 7.2 – 7.6 and alkalinity to 100-130 ppm.
ODOR A. High level of organic contaminants, combined with chlorine

A. Check pH and adjust as required.

B. Shock with Arctic Pure® Refresh, add Boost.

C. Dilution of water will reduce contaminants and odor.

D. Check any ozone system is operational


A. pH too low

B. Combined chlorine due to high concentration of organic contaminants

C. Allergic reaction to sanitizer

D. Bacterial contamination

A. Add Arctic Pure® Adjust Up until level reads 7.2 – 7.6 ppm

B. Add Arctic Pure® Refresh, add Boost.

C. Change from Bromine to Chlorine.

D. Drain and refill spa.



A. High concentration of contaminants using up sanitizers

B. Test kit reagents ineffective

A. Add sanitizers until levels are up to the recommended levels

B. Replace test kits at least once a year

C. Chlorine level very high and is bleaching test reagent, Allow sanitizer levels to recede by opening cover and running jets.